Friday, December 30, 2011

lessons learned in 2011

One little bug is in bed, the other is watching soccer futbol in Spanish on the tele, by request. I have a gingerbread cake in the oven, the last hurrah of the holiday baking before we chill with the sugar and white flour for a while. Gearing up to work the next two days, so soon it will be a shower and bed for me as well.
these guys spent at least an hour in the tub tonight
I still get excited for a new year,with all its potential and clean slate-ness. I love doing the resolution thing, even though of course they don't all happen. I have some hopes for 2012, for sure (finalizing my list then I'll post it). But right now I want to be sure I spend some time looking back before we leave 2011 behind. I think the most important things I learned this year pertain to mothering, because really that's what I spent the majority of my time doing. Here are a few that stand out to me:
  • they really do grow up fast, so sit still and just take it all in
  • take notice of the little things; they are really the big things
  • practicing intentional gratefulness is like working out-seems just as easy the first few times, but is just as hard to keep up consistently, and offers noticeable rewards
  • listen for the whispers; they are there
  • there is always time to slow down and laugh with my kids
  • follow the bread crumbs and be honest about hard, scary things; it's the only way forward
  • dream, and act.
I think grateful has been my word of the year. It's been such a focus and really changed some everyday things for me. In that spirit, I want to close out the year with giving thanks for the enormous gifts I'm surrounded by.
  • Enough-enough food, enough water, enough heat, enough clothes, enough oxygen, enough transportation, enough for each day. Daily bread. 
  • Words. Bloggers/writers, new and familiar, who inspire and educate me.
  • My husband who is real and vulnerable and sturdy. 
  • My children who need and who provide, so much of both.
  • Community, shared tables, laughing at all the littles, telling stories, being blessed, giving hugs and promising to do it more often.
Happy New Year! I would love to hear what you learned in 2011.

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