Monday, December 5, 2011

keeping warm

This morning after taking Nicky to school I drove around and let Silas nap.

The flurries were just starting, and the mountains looked like this:

Now it's really sticking. We just got home from getting a very excited little boy from school, and there's at least a two hour delay tomorrow. Ricky came home early to avoid getting stuck at work. We'll probably be venturing out at some point to play, but for now we're inside keeping warm.

This weekend was full of lots of the same. We made Nicky's school tree ornament (above) and it kind of reminds me of one of those animation motion detector suits. 

I made some Pinterest-inspired things too. Homemade snow-globes, cinnamon candles, yarn trees and a wreath that I may not finish until Easter.

We put up trees, including Nicky's little one in his room. And I made the mistake of mentioning that it's good to unplug lights before we go to bed, and now Nicky's scared his room will burn down. Go me.

Silas fought for his right to party, and Nicky discovered the finer points of peppermint hot chocolate.

Sunday night we ventured out to the annual Noche de Luminarias on campus. Nicky spotted Santa (who he told me earlier that day he really does believe in) but was too shy to approach.

It was lovely. Luminarias everywhere, a rare opportunity to wear wintery clothes, horse-drawn trolleys, and a snuggled-up baby staring up at the sky the whole time.

Well as is often the case this post took me all day. It's dark now and the snow is still falling; I'm thinking tomorrow must be a snow day. 

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