Saturday, December 10, 2011

good to be.

I have sand in my hair, and my good stretchy yoga pants on, and it is good to be home. Today was a day of events: spend too much time drinking coffee and lounging this morning, dress everyone quickly, dash in to Target to buy tripod for photo shoot, birthday party with boys for me, music practice for Ricky, home again, dress everyone quickly, off to wedding at White Sands. There was snow on the dunes, and we all remarked how weird it was that the dunes looked dirty. They usually look so pristine against the desert. The snow was all sparkly in the sunlight, and it was a lovely spot for a wedding.

a little silliness while Ricky sets up the camera

After the ceremony, we attempted to get a good family shot using the new tripod. Out of forty or so I think there are two usable ones; that's how it goes right? So Christmas photo cards are in the works now. Nicky had a blast sliding down the dunes and making snow angels. We headed back to town, and while we were driving I got a call from a home study contractor who received our referral just yesterday (we're still working on a few things, but have most of the paperwork in; all of the "biggies" anyway). So, turns out she's in town for the weekend and we're starting the homestudy process Monday. Monday! Needless to say, I should be cleaning (that is almost always a true statement). Things are moving right along. Yay! And also eek.

Nicky's Christmas play was adorable. There was a girl right in front of him busting a move during every song; it was hilarious and had us giggling so much.

I got a few shots of Nicky beforehand- yup, same outfit. I like to have one good Christmasy outfit for the season, since there are usually a handful of dress-up events during. Keep it simple. The sweater is actually one of the greatest hand-me-downs of all time. I love it.

This one charmed the lady behind us. He does this thing where he finds someone closely and flirts shamelessly.

We had some celebratory brownies and milk at home afterward.

Just threw this one in because it's cute. I love being his Mome. So, those are the haps. Lots to think and pray about, and lots to do. I'm ready to get this party started.

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