Thursday, October 6, 2011

school nights

This is a very at home season we're in. On a typical day, shuttling Nicky to and from school feels busy, along with the domestic and baby-chasing related activities in between. Then, time to start dinner. Homework and chores. Dishes, baths, Silas is in bed by 6:30 usually, and Nicky by 8:30.

Sometimes we stretch it out a bit, like Monday with a pumpkin bread baking session and a long walk toward the swiftly disappearing desert. Past the construction. Silas stayed up past his bedtime, snuggled up in the carrier, wide-eyed as ever. Nicky was overflowing with stories, taking fast little breaths in between words.

We turned back when the sun was setting, and met the new neighbors. 

I like this season. I'm scheduling myself at work a bit less, just to keep up with all the at home business. It feels important to not miss stuff. Have I mentioned I'm grateful for my job? Flexibility is a beautiful thing. And a day out of the house does this mama good. I come back energized and looking forward to more of the revolving, everyday chores (not to mention ever more grateful for health). My days at home sometimes feel like stolen days, like vacation. That's the best feeling.

There are exciting things going on around here. We're packing up for a camping trip this weekend.  Saturday is our 6th wedding anniversary. And a long-time conversation is taking shape into reality (more about that later, it's processing still).

This morning I pulled out hats and gloves from Rubbermaid boxes, and found some old winter clothes of Nicky's that now fit Silas. Knit turtlenecks, jeans with softly worn knees, little leather shoes with elephants on them, footie pajamas.

Silas is zoom-crawling, and edging around the coffee table, taking wide steps holding on to our fingers. Belly-laughing at brother when we get him from school. Pointing and making declarations. Wanting to be right in the middle of whatever's going on.

They're growing, and every day is the most precious one so far.  

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