Wednesday, October 26, 2011

pink week

It's Pink Week, for breast cancer awareness, at Nicky's school. It's funny trying to explain to a little boy how wearing pink is a way of showing solidarity with sick ladies (and men) but I think he sort of gets it. The first few conversations ended with him looking confused and repeating, "But I just don't want to wear pink, Mommy"....He thought his pink hair was pretty cool today though.

Ricky is out of town at a conference, and we get him back tomorrow. I miss his face, and how he plays with the boys while I make dinner. Making dinner with a baby climbing up your leg is no fun at all.

We're having a nice week though, all in all. Baking lots of yummy things and doing crafts and enjoying the season. Tonight it's butternut squash risotto (the last squash from the garden) and baked apples, and the happy occasion of an old friend passing through town and coming over for dinner, with her baby who I haven't met yet.

And just for a bonus: it's cloudy outside. Happy Wednesday.

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