Sunday, October 23, 2011

one step

The house is quiet and weekend-messy. I have no intention of cleaning until Monday. We're home from a birthday party for a sweet little friend, I have a hot cup of cocoa and a basket of yarn, and a sore flu-shot arm, and I am at peace. This morning I told Ricky, "I want to try this," pointing to the stack of papers that make up the foster/adoption application. And he said, "Cool". He was already there. So it's a yes, and I'm keeping in mind what the regional recruiter I spoke with told me-just take the whole process one step at a time, and be flexible. That's the plan.

Yesterday we went with Nicky's class to the pumpkin patch. Little brother tagged along too. Last year he was a belly pumpkin. We didn't do much chaperoning, because there were a ton of parents. So we pretty much just got to hang out and chase our own kids around like usual, and meet some of the parents we didn't know yet. I love this age. (I'm pretty sure I've said that every year of Nicky's life).

 rubber duck races

 cooling off under the leaves

tired Papa

We came home and vegged out for a few hours (and Silas took a real nap, not one of those 30 minute fakies he's prone to lately) then chopped up the garden. It was still very green so the soil should really benefit for next year. It's exciting to think about what could happen between now and then. We'll see.

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