Monday, September 26, 2011

oh, just everything

Saturday was a whirlwind of preparations, starting at 7:00 AM and ending at 2:59 pm, followed by a whirlwind of activites, food and great company. We snacked on treats from Harry's Hot Dogs, Doc Oct's Pretzels, Peter Parker Pizza Bites, Aunt May's Fresh Garden Stand, Green Goblin's Pumpkin Dip (with apples and ginger cookies), along with beverages from Your Friendly Neighborhood Drink Stop. Then the kiddos played the Tangled Web game, which they promptly outsmarted. The idea was to untangle a "web" of string left by Spidey with toys tied to each string, but they skipped all the un-necessary stuff and just untied the toys. They weren't messing around. Sadly, Nicky's best buddy got very sick all of a sudden and had to leave. They were both so sad, so we're planning a special play-date for the two of them to make it up.

We played Web the Villains outside-after spinning around on a bat to get dizzy, they had to try to hit all the villains with silly string. That got a lot of giggles, even though we discovered it's pretty hard for little fingers to squeeze out silly string.

After games, it was piñata time. Everyone had at least one chance to hit the Bad Guy while the rest of the kids chanted "We want candy!" and Nicky was excited to knock off a leg. Nothing but wholesome family fun around here. (Oh, that Spiderman piñata we bought about a month ago? Let's just say there were creatures living in it that made it un-usable. So Bad Guy was the next best option :)

Next, we decorated paper Spidey masks with glitter glue. It was fun to see their different approaches. Five year olds take their art pretty seriously, I'm finding out.

After a bit of quick cleanup, we sang Happy Birthday and had cupcakes and ice cream, and then Nicky said he was "really ready" for presents so off we went. He said "oh my gosh" over and over. We had practiced saying thank you earlier in the day, because it's so overwhelming and easy to forget when there's a huge pile of presents behind you. He still needed some reminding, but I think the excited "oh my goshes" showed his gratefulness pretty well too....

Then it was time for goodbyes and more thank-you's and prizes at the door, and then the afterglow that descends after you have a bunch of people over, and there's lots of leftover food, and new toys to play with, and a feeling of being so, so blessed, and Mommy and Papa give each other a tired and happy high five. We sat and basked it in, and I thought about how much I love this boy. He is such a kind, welcoming, expressive, surprising little guy. I asked him what his favorite part was, and he said "oh, just everything, Mommy."

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