Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Labor Day Weekend

This weekend we took Nicky on his first-ever camping trip with our church. The Gila Wilderness is close to where I grew up, and I have lots of great memories there. I really miss the mountains sometimes, and the high desert. We left inspired to do it more often.

We hiked at the Catwalk

Lots of people were swimming, but we just cooled our toes in the freezing water. 

Later, we enjoyed some campfire time with the group, complete with s'mores of course. 

Silas discovered graham crackers.

The next day we found a shady spot on the Gila River so Nicky could fish. He got pretty good at casting after some practice. I don't think there were any fish in the river, but we didn't tell him that.

We felt like being out and about some more, so we took the scenic route home from Silver City. We stopped by Santa Rita mine so Nicky could have a look at the pit, and the trucks making their way down. 

Then we drove home through the winding roads of the Black Range, stopping to scope out potential future campsites along the way. It was cloudy and cool. That road always made me carsick as a kid, but no one got woozy this time, thankfully.
We finished off the day with green chile cheeseburgers, fries, and a hot shower. 

It's always nice to visit my neck of the woods.

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