Saturday, September 10, 2011

funny stuff about Nicky

  • On Wednesday morning Nicky woke me up at 6:20, already dressed, to let me know that he was making himself a "ham and no cheese sandwich" for his lunch, and Penny had jumped up and taken it off the kitchen counter, so he put her in time out, and he was on his way to start again. Also, he was wearing his backpack.
  • He told Ricky today that he loves Mommy 100 and he loves Papa 30. So I win by 70%. Ouch for Papa. (I only gloat because I know my coolness will not last).
  • He took his red cowboy hat to school today, because he wants to be a "kindergartener cowboy" like his new friend
  • He is currently wearing two plastic rings. One is orange and glows in the dark, the other has a red heart on it.
  • He likes to bring us snacks, like the other day when Ricky and I were sitting outside talking, and he saw us through the back door and then showed up a minute later with three Capri Suns and a big smile. 
  • He has four requests for his birthday: a Buzz Lightyear, a Spiderman mask, a Spiderman costume, and a Buzz Lightyear with a rocket ship.
  • Since he can't whistle yet, he calls Penny with a high-pitched squealy sort of noise. It's awesome.
  • He says "funder" and "light-ming"

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