Tuesday, September 20, 2011


Today Nicky is five. I feel like this puts me into a new parenting category; does it? I still oscillate between calling him baby and little man. Because he is both.

In the middle of the night, I heard his door close and little footsteps, then he crawled up in between us like he usually does at some point (one day last week he woke up in his own bed and cried, asking "why did I sleep lonely?"). Then, the wee hours, hearing muffled baby noises on the monitor, and finally Silas crying because his inner clock informed him it was 5:30 and therefore time to get up. I brought him back to bed with us, and nursed him, and every now and then he would reach back and pat Nicky on the back. They already have such a cute little brother bond going.

Later, when Nicky was awake, he jumped up and declared he would get dressed. We pretended like we didn't know what day it was but he was kind enough to remind us loudly. He was so excited to go to school and take a trip to the treasure chest for his birthday prize, and share his gummy worm brownies with his classmates. We ate cereal, despite my intentions to make pancakes. It was a little too much to squeeze into a school morning I guess. He got to open two presents, a Spiderman costume and some little stuffed Angry Birds. (I hope he keeps his delighted face for many more years. I will really miss that when he's too cool for it.)

After school we went out for pizza and arcade games, and he traded in all his tickets for a sheet of stickers and a plastic blow-up hammer. Sweeeeet. Now he's counting down the days until his party on Saturday.

sporting his birthday crown from school

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