Monday, August 1, 2011

good things

All week I've been taking pictures of food. It just strikes me as such a pretty thing lately, especially with summer in full bloom and all of it's vibrant offerings. For me, this is a way to remember to be grateful, and to make it special, like I wrote about before. It really is the little things that make the day.

Here are a few recipes we really enjoyed this week:

1. I Ain't Chicken Chicken with Watermelon, Feta, and Arugula Salad. Eaten outside, with cold iced tea, watching the clouds roll in, enjoying a little break from the heat wave. The chicken might make a little more sense for fall, since it had to be roasted in a very hot oven, and smelled like Thanksgiving. It was so, so good though.

Nicky's version. One of these days I will get this boy to eat salad.

2. Toasted nine grain bread with melted mozzarella, green peppers (from the garden, yay!), roasted red peppers, and dijon mustard, with this cranberry walnut coleslaw. One of those last minute dinners that came together well. Love when that happens.

3. the breakfast Ricky made for us on Saturday morning. I love Saturdays with him. We had such a nice day, starting with this lovely meal, then school supply shopping for Nicky, Hawaiian food for lunch, a trip to the theater to see Cars 2 (I spent the last half in the truck driving Silas around so he could go to sleep). It was our last Saturday all together before Nicky starts kindergarten.

Nicky and I made these cute Angry Birds pom-poms. I love that he has just as much fun throwing them at a stack of cups as he does when he plays the game on our phones.

3. Harvest from Saturday morning. The first real butternut squash. I'm thinking of ways to use these this week.

4. Carnitas and Mexican Coke. The crock pot is such a good friend to me. 

More and more I'm thanking God for the little things in life. Days with a lot of space in them are good. There needs to be room to spare in my life. I need to pause more, not less. Spending time preparing food really helps me with that. It's one of those everyday, sometimes mundane tasks that is so spiritual for me if I choose for it to be. I'm starting to see how domestic tasks really lend themselves to contemplation, meditation, prayer (all the same thing perhaps, at the end of the day)....I want more of that. More of the simple joys.

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