Wednesday, June 8, 2011

I'm a proud big sister

This is my baby brother, Steven. He just finished high school. Yay Steve! 

A few words about Steven:
  • He was the fattest baby of us four kids. I think it's pretty obvious why.
  • We're nearly ten years apart. I was in fourth grade when he was born, and I wanted to carry him everywhere. 
  • Nicky reminds me a lot of Steven as a little kid. They're goofy in the same way.
  • He has a big heart.
  • He fixes computers.
  • If he ever wants to quit his day job, he could totally have a career as a long jumper.
  • He does a great impersonation of Louis Armstrong.
  • He plays the trombone.
  • He used to hide in my closet and chew up entire packs of gum. He would also hide in my closet so he could jump out and scare me when I came home from my job at Burger King. 
  • Brothers are pesky and wonderful.

Moments from the weekend:

Ricky steals Steve's guitar for a bit.

waiting at the stadium

8 pm graduation = sleepy four year old

My Mom and her baby

My Mom and my baby

Aspen and Penny compete for attention

On a whim,

we spruced up the old canoe my grandpa built,

and took it out on the river.

It was a little scary with four of us in the canoe, so I took Nicky for a swim while the big boys went out on the water.

This really has nothing to do with the visit, but it makes me smile. Little brothers, on their way to visit grandparents, around 1994. Love my Dad's smile in the background.

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