Tuesday, June 7, 2011

5 Things

  • coffee outside in the morning is my new favorite thing
  • this poor blog's been pretty neglected lately. I actually have several unfinished posts that just need to be finished, once I find the motivation. I'm trying to not just throw things together, and that takes time, I'm finding. May was a very busy month, with graduations, family visits, and a high school reunion. It is nice, and needed, to be home, and have some space in my days for catching up.

  • Speaking of space, I'm feeling the need to create more of it, in many ways. There's a rummage sale at my church coming up, and I want to do some major purging for that (all those things I've been holding onto just in case). I need to do a media fast of some sort. Less multitasking. Practicing the daily office-getting better at that. Yesterday morning at church our pastor led us through a time of silence, stillness and meditation that ended with a focus on the attributes of God we love, and the things we may need to let go of to create more space for Him. I loved it. It seems to be the theme of my life lately. Just the other night, having dinner with friends, one was talking about clearing out clutter, literally and figuratively, as a way to make room for God to bring new things into our lives-like relationships, opportunities, more quality time. I have to laugh- sometimes these messages are so clear, and it seems like everywhere I go the same words are being spoken. It's even in Nicky's complete enjoyment of a pile of dirt as I type this. Okay, I'm listening. 

  • Our backyard landscaping project is so close to being done. The garden is flourishing, the patio is done, the grass is growing (still needs to fill in, but it looks better each week), and the dog run is in place. This week we need to fill the french drain with small rocks, then take a load of excess dirt to the green landfill, and pick up a load of free mulch from there, to cover the remaining dirt. We've also been thinking of making a raised melon patch but that may turn into a project for next year, since it's gettting late in the season. We'll see. Even though it's taken months, I'm glad we're doing it this way. I'm going to be so proud of this thing once it's done. I never realized how much work it was to make a patch of raw dirt look pretty!

  • This year we're growing three kinds of tomatoes (cherry, beefsteak and yellow pear), basil, cilantro, red bell pepper, poblano pepper, jalapeno, butternut squash, and yellow squash in the garden, and rosemary, mint, and thai basil in pots. Lots of caprese salad, salsa, calabacitas, fresh marinara sauce, and maple roasted butternut squash in the near future....I love summer.

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