Tuesday, April 26, 2011

right now Silas is....

  • teething, always chomping, always in search of something to rub his gums with
  • laughing at his big brother
  • taking an interest in toys

  • nursing mostly, eating rice cereal, but not with great interest
  • smiling at everyone, then hiding behind his hands (Nicky says he's happy-shy)
  • taking two naps a day, on a fairly regular schedule
  • not staying asleep in the carseat anymore

  • blowing raspberries, especially when he has cereal in his mouth
  • weighing in at 15 lbs, 4 oz (his big brother is 38 lbs)

  • rolling from tummy to back
  • loving to snuggle in the Moby, and face out in the Snugli
  • bonding with his Papa more 
  • wanting to be upright, gets upset if he's put in a reclining chair for very long.

  • still astonished and wide-eyed
  • playing with his feet

  • chubby, cuddly and delicious

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