Monday, April 4, 2011


Yesterday afternoon Ricky remarked that this had been the most restful weekend he's had in awhile. I would have to agree, and it's funny because we did so much. We both had the whole weekend off, which is rare since I usually work Friday or Saturday.

Friday was a major outdoor workday. We leveled the dirt area where we plan to lay sod, planted a tree, and dug out most of the old garden so we could level that properly and refill it. We has watered the ground so it was pretty soft-pretty important in this area since we have caliche right below the surface and it can be rock-hard. Silas spent a lot of time outside in his chair, just kicking his legs and looking around. He really seems to enjoy the fresh air.

 Saturday was my birthday. I had requested the day off, thinking how great it would be to have a Saturday with my family, no obligations or appointments-just a Saturday. That's really what I wanted for my birthday. And I got it! The day began with Starbucks in bed (Ricky knows me so well...), and gave me some lovely presents (from my list no less), then we got ready and went to the farmer's market.

We ate really good burgers (from the HotDogBurgerChicken guy), and bought organic plants for the garden-cherry and heirloom tomatoes, butternut squash, and yellow squash. Nicky bought a wooden car with his saved-up dollars.

squinty face

After a fun leisurely morning, we headed home to let the kiddos rest. I told Ricky I didn't mind continuing our outdoor projects on my birthday, so we kept working on the garden bed. He built a new frame for it, with much more sturdy wood than we used last year. It looks SO much better, and level! Yay. We finished up the day with Dion's pizza and brownies (my favorite).

Sunday morning we had Silas' dedication at church. It was so special, and there are so many babies right now! Many of our dear friends have had/adopted babies recently or are about to. We prayed for our little ones, and spoke things that are important to say out loud-You are special, and loved, and chosen. Your life matters. God knew you before you were born, before the foundation of the Earth, and has beautiful plans for you. I love our church community, and I love that our boys are growing up in such a loving, life-affirming place.

We had brunch afterwards and Nicky got to spend the afternoon at a little amusement park with his grandparents. He came back tired, smiling, and a little wet on a boat ride. Ricky finished up the garden while I stayed inside with Silas- it was super windy and even a little chilly outside.

It felt good to collapse into bed at the end of the day, with that great feeling of accomplishment. Funny how work can be more restful than a weekend filled with tv and naps. Those are okay sometimes too. This time, though, accomplishment really hit the spot.

Thankful for (64-70):

  • twenty eight years on this planet
  • what I told Ricky on my birthday- I can't think of something I'd rather do than just have a day with my family. Thankful that we don't just love each other, we like each other!
  • love for these boys that just keeps growing
  • possibility
  • community that rejoices with us (and would weep with us too)
  • sunscreen, floppy hats, sandals
  • big brown eyes

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