Saturday, March 26, 2011

springing around

I love the energy of Spring. I've been organizing, clearing out clutter, getting my hands in the dirt, and getting so much more fresh air these past few weeks. Aside from a few windy days, it's been so beautiful outside.

We're working on our backyard, in phases. Phase I we're "hiring out", the rest is all us. The plan: a sprinkler system, sod, a peach tree, red mulch, doubling our garden space, expanding the side porch to the rock wall so it makes a nice big patio with space for a table and chairs and doubles as a dance floor, a sandbox, and last but not least a dog run for Penny. Our neighbor makes dog-houses, so that may be in the works as well. Penny's mostly an inside dog, but she loves being outside. I will love her not coating herself in dirt ten times a day.

It's a small space, but I think we have a good plan. I'm super excited to start that garden, but for now I'm just putting flowers and herbs in pots, to stave off the cravings...

This one rolled over while I was at work yesterday! Belly to back. Trying to get a repeat performance today.

the Supermoon

Nicky likes Angry Birds, Penny likes to perch

And I like baby leg-warmers. Not that we'll be needing them for long.

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