Thursday, March 31, 2011

a nursery for Silas

This room definitely took on the feel of the months while we waited for Silas to make his appearance. I wanted something cozy, autumnal and woodland creature-esque with a homespun feel. This is what I came up with!

crib: hand-me-down from big brother
blanket: crocheted by me
owl "lovie" (in the crib): picked up in a little shop on our Pacific Coast Highway trip

table: belonged to my grandparents, then my parents. It was in our kitchen growing up. I sanded and stained it a darker color to match the crib. There's also a futon on the other side of the room with wood that's about the same color (thank you Craigslist)

bedside table: my nightstand in college, spray-painted blue

lamp: from our bedroom (we finally got a matching set :)

quilt and sweet animal prints: Etsy

mobile: homemade. A few fun afternoons with felt, a needle and thread, and a glue gun. So fun to make!

print: Etsy

little blue shelves: from the Goodwill box, spray-painted blue

Yay for paint and hand-me-downs! I had a lot of fun putting this nursery together. Right now it's kind of just a dressing and diapering room since Silas co-sleeps, but he'll get some good use from it later I'm sure!

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