Monday, March 14, 2011


  • little boy lashes

  • big baby yawns
  • pain medication for the suffering, the sleep that follows
  • not being allowed to refuse medical treatment, regardless of money (I've heard some awful stories this week)
  • the Sermon on the Mount (reading and re-reading it for Lent this year...)
  • tree blossoms

  • garden planning with Ricky
  • light on a clean floor
  • Sunday afternoons, probably my favorite time of the week
  • hearing a bit of wisdom, then needing that very thing soon after (God moments)

  • the challenge to work harder, and do better
  • and also the grace to let it go at the end of the day

  • being shaken here in my comfortable life, realizing how I take peace for granted
  • color

  • the ease of making friends when you're 4 years old 

Nicky makes plans to catch a duck with his new friends
  • sunglasses
  • clocking out
  • clean, velvety puppy ears


Cindy in PA said...

Thank you for continuing your list of gifts. I'm also being drawn to color after such a long winter. Color is refreshing my tired soul. Blessings!

Emily said...

Thanks for stopping by Cindy :)

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