Sunday, March 6, 2011


  • second winds that surprise me
  • Nicky's excitement over a stack of fresh library books
  • Nice-weather days in between the super windy ones
  • Nicky saying goodbye to his grandparents: Goodbye! I love you! Sometimes I always just care about you!
  • A patient telling me I have a calming presence- a reassurance that what I do at work even matters....much needed!
  • tiny toes, the size of my pinkie nail 
  • tiny fingers reaching up for my face, curling on my shirt
  • Feeling empty, with nothing left to give....because without that feeling I would never long for God, or ask for help
  • Nicky's gentleness with me when I am so, so impatient (I don't know if there's anything more humbling than realizing my child is much more grace-filled than I am)
  • my church family,so inspiring and encouraging
  • days that are not easy, because I grow, because I have to fight that downward pull
  • colorful picture frames
  • little kids trying to talk when they're really excited
  • shelter, heat, clean water, the luxury of choosing what to eat for dinner
  • Pandora radio while I'm cooking

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