Sunday, February 13, 2011

my loves

On Saturday I gave Nicky a plate of brownies to decorate, and he went to town. I really love activities that get him excited for holidays. Maybe it's weird, but I always enjoy the days leading up to a holiday more than the day itself.

He also made some valentines for his "church friends" as he calls them, and handed them out yesterday. Ricky bought me the most amazing cookie ever at the church bake sale-I think it was one of these. Whatever it was, it was sooooo good. This is how Sundays usually go: Ricky leaves early to play music for the first service, while I get myself and the boys ready (takes just about all morning still), then we head off to the second service where I drop Nicky off at his class, and sometimes put Silas in the nursery if I feel like it. Sometimes I still like to keep him snuggled up with me for service. That means spending a good chunk of service in the nursing moms' room. Ricky and I both usually end up hanging out in there, in our rocking chairs, chatting about the sermon and whatever else comes up. It's nice, in this season.

Anyway, this Sunday the weather was beautiful so we took the littles out for a hike (which right now means a short walk in the desert/mountains). It was Silas' first time in the hiking backpack and he did well. Our experience with Nicky and this particular backpack was that it was great while he was little enough to fit down into it, but as he got longer his head would just flop around after he fell asleep about five minutes into a hike. So, we may be investing in something else for Silas, when he's bigger.

Penny was pretty tired at the end. Poor little short-legged creature....

It was a lovely Sunday with my family. I sure do love them.

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