Thursday, February 17, 2011

garage: before

When we moved into this house (exactly one year ago on February 19th) we put everything in the garage and slowly moved things in as we found the right places for them. We were much more particular about setting up the house then we have been in the past, since this was more permanent. Putting holes in the walls, even, was a little daunting for us, because they are our walls, and the house was just so clean and pretty and empty. So, it's taken this whole year to make it homey, and we still have some things to do. 

The garage pretty much stayed the same the whole year. It's been bugging me but certainly not enough to do anything about it....until now. Warmer weather gives me the itch to clean, purge, and organize. So, I'll be sneaking off to the garage during naptimes and in the early evening with the garage door open, when it's better for everyone's sanity to not be in the house (aka fussy, cranky, sun-downing, "happy hour" as my friend calls it). Something about getting out during those hours is so, so helpful. Even if the crankiness persists, at least we're getting some fresh air.

 My challenge awaits:

These pics are completely unrelated, just taken by Nicky yesterday. Look at those edible cheeks....

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