Monday, January 24, 2011

reasons I like Ricky

  • he says thank you every time I make food
  • he has all the qualities that make a good Dad: he's fun, he's very consistent with discipline (more than me, I admit it), and at the end of the day a big softie
  • he is always warm
  • most mornings, there is coffee made when I get up because of him
  • he is good at a lot of stuff (music, techy/nerdy stuff aka bringing home the bacon, latin dancing, conversations, including people in social situations, and he's dang smart)
  • he would disagree with my use of the word "smart" because it doesn't really mean anything; he's dang intelligent then
  • he's loyal and trustworthy, a good friend
  • he's more honest than Abe
  • he's a good taste-tester and food-seasoner
to be continued.....there are so many!

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