Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Nicky's Big Challenge

This is Nicky's room. I would say on a scale of 1-10, with 10 being the messiest it's ever been, this is about a 6. However, this is a special occasion of messiness because Ricky and I have given the boy a big challenge, with a reward of course. If he cleans it by himself, he gets to have a toy that he apparently wants very much. We'll see how much, though, because it's been three days now and no cleaning has been done. I'm sure it's pretty overwhelming for him, but I'd really like to see him moving in the direction of cleaning up after himself. He does well with help, but can he do it by himself? We shall see.

The toy, by the way, was one that he came home with after an outing with his Ita. We've been feeling lately like he just has way too many toys and doesn't even care about most of them, so that's where the idea for the challenge came from. The last time we did this we got him to poop in the potty (finally!), so we know the power of bribery for this kid.

I feel torn sometimes. I want him to know the value of money but I don't want him to worry about money. There will be plenty of time for that later. I want to give him incentives for helping out around the house, but I also don't want him to feel entitled to them for every helpful thing he does. I'm working on finding the balance, as usual. It's somewhere between carefree and responsible, which is another way of saying childhood and adulthood I suppose.
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