Thursday, January 20, 2011

5 Things

1. Last night I was sitting in the Walgreen's parking lot listen to the radio. The host was talking about a new study (there's always a new study, but still...) that basically found that the constant checking of social networks for status updates, etc. is causing people to have shortened attention spans and brains that are similar to a baby's. This makes us live only in the moment, distracted by buzzing and noises and bright lights, just like an infant. Hmmm.....methinks I may be suffering from this problem. I need to read more books.

2. My first day back at work was Monday. It was a hectic day on the busiest floor of the hospital, but I think it went well for the most part. I was a little nervous about remembering passwords, and the charting system, but everything came back as I was doing it. I did feel painfully slow, however, in getting meds passed and checking in on people regularly. So much of my job is dealing with interruptions; the challenge becomes just getting the basics done before the shift ends. 

3. I was only able to pump milk once during the entire 13 hours I was there. Ouch. There is a breastfeeding room on the Labor & Delivery floor that's comfortable and private, which I'm so grateful for. I thought I would have to find an empty room or run out to the car. So now I know there's a good place to pump, it's just a huge challenge to leave the floor for 20 minutes to do so. I guess I could try to combine one session with lunch so maybe I can squeeze in two sessions.

4. I started the Couch to 5K running program last week. I've done two so far. It's a little hard to fit them in, even though it's only 30 minutes 3 times a week. I have to be ready to leave right when Ricky gets home from work, and I can barely finish before the sun goes down ( I guess I could run in the dark, but I'm a weenie about that). Anyway, I've decided to add running a 5K to my goal list for 2011.

5. Silas is settling into a nice schedule. He falls asleep around 7 pm, then really just wakes up 2-3 times to eat but other than that sleeps until 7-8 the next morning. It makes the evenings quite relaxed around here; that's probably when I get the most done.

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