Friday, December 10, 2010

5 Things

1. Proof that Nicky's been paying attention at church: the other day Silas was crying in his carseat, and I was gathering my pillow, water, etc to feed him. Nicky, a little exasperated at all the noise around here these days, leaned over the carseat and exclaimed "Silas! The battle is the Lord's!!"

2. Silas is a sweet little cuddler who very much dislikes being put down. I have two baby carriers (well actually three counting the Snugli, which I haven't taken out yet)-a simple over-the-shoulder bag type sling, and a Moby. They are such lifesavers. Otherwise I would have to choose between crying baby and the use of my arms.

3. My brother deployed to Afghanistan yesterday. He called from the airfield, while they were waiting to board their plane. I was so grateful for that; it really made my day.

4. Tonight we are going to an ugly sweater/potluck/white elephant Christmas party. Ugly sweaters bought, potatoes are boiling to make cream cheese mashed potatoes, and pecan tarts in the making as well.

5. Thank God for Yesterday I was able to wrangle the boys into Christmas jammies, take about 50 pictures in order to get 2 decent ones, throw a photo card together and pick it up in a few hours. Services like these make the holidays work for slackers like me.

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