Saturday, March 14, 2009

on finding a home

Lately I am thinking about the future more than usual. I think it's because we have some big changes coming up, and some big decisions. Where to live, where to work, when to have another baby---all decisions I am very excited to face. The question of where to live is the most prominent in my mind I suppose.
I love so many things about our life here. We have a good church and good friends. Everything is so familiar. Natural disasters are rare. (Just thought I'd throw that one in :) But seriously--those things are not easy to find. When we got married, we had a transition period from our "college friends" to our "grown up friends"--hate to put it that way but that's kind of how it was. Not that we're not close to any of those people, but it did change things. Anyway, the point is that it takes time to build a life with someone. Moving away presents the challenge of starting over, which in some ways is exhilarating and in other ways terrifying.
On the flip side, something I've learned from life is that good situations can stagnate. Change can be good; it keeps us on our toes and forces us to pay attention. And it's funny--there was a time in my life where I welcomed change with open arms--I just wanted things to happen. Now I guess I crave a little more stability.
All of this just reinforces one thing for me; I need to appreciate what I have right here, in this moment. Sometimes that's all we have. Whatever happens, I will always be so grateful for this time in our lives.

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