Saturday, March 7, 2009

I'm from....

I'm from azure skies against green-dotted brown mountains, fields of yucca and months without rain. I'm from acres of stillness and shy smiles and hours reading on a rock by the pond. I'm from fresh bread filling the house with it's scent, tree swings and kittens and getting up early to hike and see the cave.

I'm from hymns and choir robes, church twice on Sunday and pot roast in between, from eleven summer camps and finding God at the altar, practical jokes and driving to Dairy Queen. I'm from days at the river, green chile enchiladas and honking at the cows standing in the road. I'm from small town, big dream, homebody and world travel. I'm from slip n' slides, tea parties with blue willow china and shooting the .22, from "keep the peace" and "speak the truth in love".

I'm from vanilla ice cream and zucchini bread, mowing the grass on Saturday afternoon, pottery and barrel cactus. I'm from a dirt road, late nights at the Grinder Mill and early morning band practice. I'm from homemade Easter dresses, a 15 year old Finnish immigrant to Brooklyn and a German soldier on the run, Native American pride and Oklahoma shame.

I'm from unknown grandparents and mysteries, the smell of pine and dust blowing in the wind, and an early sense of the pain of others. In many ways, the unknowns outweigh the rest. I'm from redemption and second and twenty-second chances, and this outweighs the unknowns.

(I'm not sure whose original idea this was--I've seen variations of this on different sites, and I love the idea, so I gave it a try.)

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